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Here’s Why We’re Arizona’s Premier Hard Money Lender

Not Your Typical Hard Money Lender

Our ability to quickly comprehend and underwrite simple and complex real estate transactions gives us a competitive advantage over other hard money lenders and traditional lending sources such as banks and insurance companies.  INCA loans are provided from our own private investor capital funds and because of our extensive experience, we can evaluate projects and provide a timely answer to the loan request within 48 hours of receipt of information. Property types we finance include Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial buildings (office, retail, storage and industrial) and land parcels related to those real estate products in loan amounts from $250,000 to $15 million. 

Real Estate Experience

Many private lenders (also known as hard money lenders) are finance or technology generalists.  The principals of INCA Capital are not only subject matter experts but have been intimately involved in real estate since the early 1980’s including developing, building, banking and auditing real estate assets.  The INCA principals combined real estate experience exceeds 65 years with brand name companies, including more than 40 years in private lending.

Based in the Western United States

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, INCA Capital is one of the premier private money lenders serving Arizona, California, Colorado and Nevada. The principals of INCA Capital have financed more than $1 Billion in hard money loans and financing transactions.

Deals Funded

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Chief Executive Officer
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Loan Programs

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Featured Deals


Office Building

Quick Bridge Closing
Greater Phoenix Area

This deal needed to close quickly as the Buyer’s permanent financing had been delayed so they came to INCA for financing. We closed this loan in 10 days, and provided a short-term loan of 90 days, allowing the Borrower the time needed to finalize the terms of their permanent financing.

office complex lit up at night

Commercial Construction

Adaptive Re-use
Greater Phoenix Area

Two vacant retail buildings (most recently Circuit City and Bed Bath and Beyond) consisting of more than 100,000 square feet had been sitting vacant for years in the East Valley. Borrower approached INCA with a plan to strip the buildings down to their shell and then create a large office campus with parking at a ratio of 7 spaces per 1,000 ft.

office complex lit up at night

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Private investors and investment companies typically fund hard money loans. The terms of hard money loans are generally shorter than conventional or bank loans, ranging anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on the lender’s program. Hard money loans typically require interest-only payments with a balloon payment due at the end of the term.

This short video outlines the differences between conventional loans and hard money loans.

Below is a table highlighting some of the differences between a traditional mortgage lender and a hard money lender.
As you can see, using a hard money lender holds many benefits over working through a traditional bank. As your read further about how hard money lending works in today’s world, it will become increasingly apparent that quality hard money lenders have much to offer clients in today’s property lending environment

Hard Money Lenders

Traditional Mortgage Lenders

Type of Property Many property types accepted, including commercial, single family, investment property and raw land Many property types accepted, but with stringent underwriting requirements
Transaction Completion Speed Fast – often within a week Slow – takes 2 months or more
Credit Score Requirements Flexible Strict
Documentation Requirements Fewer Many
Cost of Loan Higher Moderate

What is a Typical Loan-to-Value Ratio?

To determine the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio we compare the value of the property to the amount of money borrowed. If a property has a $1 million value and a loan of $550,000, the LTV is 55%. Most hard money lenders will lend up to a 70 percent LTV on income producing properties and up to a 50 percent LTV on land.

Is a Hard Money Loan Right For You?

A hard money loan can be a great option when you’re working on a project needing short-term funding, customized payment options, or quick financing. If you have been profitable in previous real estate development/investment projects, then working with a hard money lender like INCA Capital might be the right option for you.

Whether your project is an existing commercial building, construction, or land, we have the in depth knowledge and experience to underwrite your financing needs.

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